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Joined: 17/10/2019
Messages: 122
Location: Mount Kuring-Gai NSW Australia
bujin9 wrote:
Hi all...

tried the Argo Navis last night for the first time on my 22" Obsession. Did the one time setup and then the alignment (two star) and then to an introductory run. Everything seems pretty straight forward but I seem to be off still in the targets.
After aligning (using Polaris and Dubhe)....even though my 'warp' was within acceptable limits (-.3 one time and .5 another), pointing was still off.
I setup for 'Alt/Az Dob Mounts'....Tube is pointing straight up....after aligning the 2nd star, I exit out to the 'Mode Catalog' to do the 'Introductory Run'.
What other factors affect pointing? I'm not on super level ground but it's pretty good. But if I read the documentation right...that shouldn't affect it as it's more important to make sure the tube to base alignment is correct. And like I said, it's not level like a granite table ...but it's not bad either (my driveway).
This is of course assuming my initial one time setup was done correctly (although it seemed pretty much by the numbers).
If the initial one time setup was done incorrectly, can I go back and re-do it? I'm using the batteries that came with the unit so I'm assuming they're fresh.
Is there something else I should be considering that I'm not doing?

Hi Joe,

Dave Kriege at Obsession always preconfigures the encoder direction sense setup parameters prior to shipping units.

However, let us assume you want to establish the encoder direction senses, which are the +/- signs in SETUP ALT STEPS and SETUP AZ STEPS.
Rather than use the method described in the User Manual to establish, I highly recommend to use the procedure I will describe here to establish them.
This also has the advantage that you can do it, say, in the garage indoors during the daytime.

To check the SETUP ALT STEPS sign, point the Optical Tube Assembly (OTA) to the vertical and DIAL up MODE FIX ALT REF, ALT REF=+90, AUTO ADJUST OFF and then press ENTER.
Now DIAL up MODE ENCODER. The right-hand displayed value should be close to +90 degrees.
Now push the OTA downward in Altitude toward the horizon.
The right-hand displayed value should decrease, +89, +88, ... +3, +2, +1, 0 as you go from the zenith toward the horizon.
If not, reverse the SETUP ALT STEPS sign and repeat the test.

To check the SETUP AZ STEPS sign, rotate the scope in Az clockwise whilst observing the left-hand displayed value in MODE ENCODER.
The Az angle should increase. If it does not, reverse the SETUP AZ STEPS sign.

As mentioned in the User Manual, irrespective of which way the arrows point in GUIDE mode, always push the scope in a direction that makes the GUIDE angles closer to zero.
One can later change the convention of which way the arrows point using SETUP GUIDE as a matter of personal preference for your particular installation.

Once you have correctly established the encoder direction senses, we also recommend you use AUTO ADJUST ON when you perform the FIX ALT REF step.
To set it up, DIAL up MODE SETUP, SETUP ALT REF and enter a value of +090.000.
Then when you perform the FIX ALT REF STEP, DIAL up ALT REF=+090.000 AUTO ADJUST ON.
Perform your two star alignment as normal.
The WARP factor should then be 0.00 (A) where the (A) indicates the ALT REF point was automatically adjusted.
If you see a non-zero WARP factor when AUTO ADJUST is ON or an (X) instead of an (A), it means something is amiss, such as a misidentified star or cable not plugged in.
Keep in mind that though a WARP factor of 0.00 is a prerequisite for good pointing performance, it does not necessarily guarantee good performance.
The reason is that the AUTO ADJUST mechanism bends over backwards to correct the ALT REF point so as to produce a WARP factor of zero wherever possible, even if you have misidentified the alignment stars.

There is no need to level the base as part of the alignment process. To appreciate that and o gain further tips, see this post here -

For support, I highly recommend you contact us directly at sales@wildcard-innovations.com.au
Alternatively you can post here but the email always gets our immediate attention.

I recommend you avoid seeking assistance on the Cloudy Nights forum.
It's legal fine terms and conditions means as a company, we choose not participate on it.
As you have seen, Cloudy Nights can be a bit of a rabble.
Though many responses to posts such as yours are well intentioned, many completely miss the mark and more still have nothing to do with your appeal for assistance.
In reference to the nebulous nature of Cloudy Nights, I refer to it as the "Blind leading the blind forum". smilie
Anyway, the good news is that for the very best support, we are always here.

Gary Kopff
Managing Director
Wildcard Innovations Pty. Ltd.
20 Kilmory Place
Mount Kuring-Gai NSW 2080
Phone +61-2-9457-9049
[Email] [WWW]
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