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Criterion Dynamax 8 Encoder Mount Hardware Bundled Special Kit

In order to bring computerized pointing to your Criterion Dynamax 8 , you will need to fit a pair of devices known as optical encoders to each axis of your mount. Part number pn-8000-d-spec is a specially priced bundled solution that provides the optical encoders and all the necessary mounting hardware specific to your Criterion Dynamax 8 Fork along with the encoder cable that is used to connect between each of the optical encoders and the Argo Navis™ Digital Telescope Computer.

Bundled Special Kit contents

  • Encoder mount hardware designed specifically for the Criterion Dynamax 8 Schmidt-Cassegrain Fork mount.
  • 2 x Optical Encoders.
  • An Encoder Cable for interfacing the Argo Navis™ to each of the supplied encoders.


  • RA axis resolution : 10000 steps effective.
  • Dec axis resolution : 10000 steps effective.
  • Highest quality machined components.
  • One year limited warranty.

    The encoder kit is easy to install and comes with simple installation instructions including diagrams.
    Click here for a scanned image of the installation diagram.

    Please note that most mount kits are built on demand once we receive your order. Sometimes we have kits in stock, otherwise a typical lead-time is 1 to 6 weeks from order. Please email us at sales@wildcard-innovations.com.au for a lead-time estimate on this kit.

    Current pricing for this kit can be found by using the "Bundled Special kit including encoders, encoder mount hardware & encoder cable" pull-down menu on our purchasing page.
    Please note that kits are only made available to new and current Argo Navis owners.

  • Note: Mount hardware can also be ordered separately using Part Number pn-8000-d-hw

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    This kit manufactured for Wildcard Innovations by JMI Telescopes, Colorado, USA.
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